The Valley Fab Lab has a wide variety of equipment that can be used to build your ideas and projects. We are a community service-oriented operation and always welcome suggestions as to how we can better meet your needs.  We will do the best we can to meet your needs within our physical space and financial limitations. 

Material pricing is based on the amount and type of materials used. Please see the Valley Fab Lab manager for a quote.


Machine time and material charges are for certified graduates of VFL Equipment Training classes. They vary by machine and type of material used. Contact for more information on getting certified and scheduling.

Users MUST purchase a Fab Lab Punch Card in order to schedule lab time.

 Order your card below.

*Minimum hour charge - additional time billed in 30 minute increments at discretion of staff and material cost.*

FAB LAB Punch Card.png

Member Punch Card

2 hours per one punch in order to use any technology the individual is certified in at The Valley Fab Lab. Card can be picked up at The Valley Fab Lab once purchased


90 Minute Group Classes


The Valley Fab Lab hosts weekly machine clearance classes for the public. Due to Covid-19, we can only host 10 participants at a time. Schedule your machine clearance class on the Community Events page.​

Fab Lab Open Workshops (F.L.O.W.)


Fab Lab Open Workshop (FLOW) is free and open to the public. Materials fees are an additional cost. Materials will be available to purchase on the evening of the workshop inside the Fab Lab.

Work For Hire



Hire Valley Fab Lab staff or community partners to complete a project.

Project cost + 20%

(cost includes time + materials)