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The Valley Fab Lab began when (3) entities combined their resources to bring a makerspace to the community.  Whole Life Services provided $115,000 for equipment.  The Shenango Valley Chamber of Commerce attained a (4) year $100,000 grant from Pa Council of the Arts for operations.  The City of Sharon provided $5,000 for initial training.  Other initial participants included veterans groups, the Urban League, Random Acts of Artists, and other local entrepreneurs.  Laurel Technical Institute provided a space in their facility to house the Fab Lab, and began initial management of the Fab Lab.  We are now ready to move forward with this journey so that the community can begin creating.


The mission of the Valley Fab Lab is to support local artisans and entrepreneurs in an inclusive, creative, and collaborative space.


The Valley Fab Lab envisions: 

  • Diverse educational programming

  • Exploration of the intersection between art and technology

  • Opportunities for makers to share ideas 

  • Makerspace classes for projects that are open to the community

  • A jumpstart for microenterprises

  • Support for citizens that are economically disadvantaged

  • A place where artists, hobbyists, and makers can simply enjoy the creative process

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