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The recent Spring Update for FC 24 has brought about exciting changes, enriching the gaming experience for players with FC 24 Coins enhanced realism and gameplay improvements. Among the various updates, one addition has particularly caught the attention of FC 24 fans: the introduction of the Belligoal celebration.

EA has incorporated the iconic Belligoal celebration into FC 24, allowing players to emulate Jude Bellingham's trademark arms-wide stance after scoring a goal. Here's how you can perform this celebration in the game:

Unlocking the Bellingham Celebration:

With the latest updates, FC 24 continues to strive for realism by introducing new face scans, including those of top players from renowned leagues and even updated manager faces like Ange Postecoglou.

While fans eagerly await the addition of Kenilworth Road, the recent updates have brought about exciting moments to experience in-game, including the introduction of the Bellingham Celebration through the Spring Update.

Understanding Jude Bellingham's Impact:

Jude Bellingham's stellar performances since joining Real Madrid have propelled him into the spotlight as one of the premier midfielders in the world.

With an impressive record of 20 goals and eight assists in 30 matches for Los Blancos, Bellingham's influence on and off the field has endeared him to fans worldwide.

Performing the Belligoal Celebration:

To replicate Jude Bellingham's celebration in FC 24, you must score a goal with the player himself.

Once Bellingham finds the back of the net, simply press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to trigger the celebration.

Watch as Bellingham stands tall, arms wide, mirroring his iconic pose for Real Madrid, encapsulating the joy of scoring in true Bellingham style.

Exploring Further Opportunities:

While the Belligoal celebration is exclusive to Jude Bellingham, players can enjoy utilizing his impressive cards in Ultimate Team and replicate the celebration across various game modes.

With EA's commitment to enriching FC 24, players can anticipate the introduction of more celebrations inspired by the ever-evolving world of football.

In conclusion, the addition of the Belligoal celebration to FC 24 enhances the immersive experience for players, allowing them to celebrate goals in the spirit of Jude Bellingham's iconic pose. Keep scoring, keep celebrating, and stay tuned for more exciting updates in the world of FC 24!

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