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Comprehensive Guide on How to Read Handicap Throw-In Betting in Football

What is Handicap Throw-In Betting? If you want to place a throw-in bet, which bookmaker should you choose? Is Handicap Throw-In Betting difficult to play? All questions about throw-in betting will be answered by Wintips right away. Let's read tips over under soccer in and find out.

When it comes to throw-in betting, few people may know about this type of bet. Because mostly, domestic bettors tend to focus only on popular mainstream bets. Moreover, not all football bookmakers offer this type of bet for you to place.

However, for an avid online football bettor, we shouldn't overlook any type of bet. Who knows, Handicap Throw-In Betting might be an easy, rewarding bet to play. In that case, if we miss out on or don't bet on this type of bet, it would be a waste.

What is Handicap Throw-In Betting?

Handicap Throw-In Betting can be understood as predicting betting on the number of throw-ins that occur in a match. However, the special point of this type of bet is that additional throw-ins are given to the underdog team.

In other words, the favored team in the handicap gets additional throw-ins compared to the underdog team.

The outcome of Handicap Throw-In Betting depends on the number of throw-ins that occur in the match. For this novel type of betting, bookmakers will also offer odds for both halves and the entire match. Additionally, the handicap throw-in odds will be calculated in the common handicap format (such as 0, ½, ¼, ¾,…).

Previously, Handicap Throw-In Betting was not popular and received little attention from players. Therefore, bookmakers rarely included this type of bet in their betting odds.

Recently, due to changes in player demand, many bettors have expressed a desire to bet on different types of bets. Therefore, reputable bookmakers have actively researched and introduced many new types of bets. Among them is Handicap Throw-In Betting.

Currently, only a few reputable bookmakers apply Handicap Throw-In Betting. At the same time, only a few major and professional tournaments have this type of betting available.

Winning bets is not difficult when read betting tips in telegram

How to read the odds for corner handicap betting

Corner handicap betting odds are read similarly to handicap betting odds. However, when reading these odds, there are certain points to note.

In corner handicap betting, we only concern ourselves with the number of successful corner kicks by both teams. This is because based on the results of corner kicks by both teams, we can determine whether the bet placed wins or not.

When reading corner kick handicap odds, pay attention to the following:

The handicap ratio for corner kicks: This indicates the number of corner kicks given as an advantage to the underdog team.

The odds when betting on the over or under team.

Therefore, based on the additional handicap for corner kicks, we can determine the outcome of the bet. The odds represent the reward ratio when winning this bet.

Betting on the first throw-in outcome

This betting option is extremely straightforward. Players only need to predict which team will be awarded the first throw-in. It can be seen that this is a very simple side bet. Winning or losing mostly depends on luck rather than analyzing bookmaker odds.

Experience for accurate betting analysis

Choose major tournaments

The advantage of major tournaments is the prevalence of bookmakers participating in betting. Expert analysis on bookmaker odds is regularly published. You can easily purchase Reports, Essential evaluations about team strength, player form, head-to-head history... Furthermore, major tournaments also ensure transparency for betting. Players will have good dribbling skills and ensure to maximize opportunities to win throw-ins. The number of throw-ins in these matches will not be few, giving you ample opportunities to win bets.

Where is the most reputable place to bet on corner handicap betting?

At the beginning of the article, we addressed this issue. Many people, after researching corner handicap betting, want to experience it. However, it's challenging to find a platform offering this type of betting.

This is quite understandable because this type of betting is relatively new and selective. Additionally, it's just a side bet in football.

Therefore, those interested in corner handicap betting should seek reputable bookmakers in the area. Major bookmakers are better equipped to meet the needs and offer all types of bets to players.

Hence, it's advisable to actively engage in betting on reputable platforms. Alternatively, if you're unsure where to find information best betting tips app about the safest bookmakers, you can visit and refer to reviews and evaluations of reputable bookmakers presented by Wintips. This will undoubtedly help you quickly find a reliable and safe betting platform.


At this point, we've covered the definition of corner handicap betting and provided a brief guide on how to read corner kick handicap odds. Overall, this type of football betting is relatively straightforward and easy to engage in. Therefore, for those interested in placing such bets, feel free to participate. To ensure personal benefits, remember to choose reputable bookmakers when betting on corner handicap kicks. Wishing you all the best of luck!




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